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The Canal is education

Education is a very important pillar for the growth of companies and nations. The continuity of the waterway depends, to […]

Education is a very important pillar for the growth of companies and nations. The continuity of the waterway depends, to a great extent, on the knowledge imparted to its labor force and on the academic and cultural preparation of the future generations that will make up the waterway. That is why the Canal contributes to the country’s education in different platforms.

In agreement with the Ministry of Education (MEDUCA), the Canal produced in 2020 and 2021, 14 audiovisual modules, as support to the alternative dissemination for elementary, middle and high school students during the years 2020-2021.

Content on the interoceanic route and general culture are broadcasted through the CANAL TV television signal (channel 26 open TV and +Móvil, channel 126 on Tigo) and its productions are available on the Panama Canal’s YouTube channel.

Through social networks, the Canal disseminates information about the waterway, reaching very diverse audiences. On a monthly basis, its magazine, El Faro, publishes articles of interest about the Canal and its link with the world. Recently, the web page www.pancanal.com was launched for greater accessibility to the Canal’s updated content.

The President Roberto F. Chiari Library holds and shares a historical legacy of more than 50,000 documents, works of art, photographs, videos, and objects available to the public.

With the collaboration of the Canal and other private enterprise and civil society entities, Jóvenes Unidos por la Educación carries out the Latin American Laboratory for Citizen Action (LLAC), an initiative to train young people in community action, advocacy and leadership. This annual training meeting has yielded results that transcend the country’s borders.

The Panama Canal Authority’s Center for Simulation, Research and Maritime Development (SIDMAR) has trained thousands of professionals, and offers industrial, computer, professional and management training programs to companies and other entities. Through interinstitutional and interdisciplinary programs led by the Canal, the inhabitants of the watershed are trained in risk prevention, community organization, and environmental education.

The Panama Canal has a Training Center for Scale Maneuvers, the only one of its kind in Latin America, where local and international professionals have been trained.

In its mission to contribute sustainably to Panama, the Canal makes the transmission of knowledge a priority.

Together we are Panama.
Marianela Dengo de de Obaldía
Vice President of Communications and Corporate Image

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