Residents prepare for natural phenomena

Juan B. Madrid · 2 min

More than a century connecting the world

Redacción · 2 min

Repair work begins on the road to Gamboa

Juan B. Madrid · 1 min

The Relevance of a Reliable Canal

Miroslava Herrera · 7 min



Maintenance at the Panama Canal

Luis Enrique Vásquez · 4 min

Strategic renovation with a touch of green

Juan B. Madrid · 5 min

The Permanent Search for Excellence

Marianela Dengo de De Obaldía · 2 min

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Did you know...?

The Panama Railroad

The Panama Railroad, built in 1855, was the first transcontinental train in the world, and also the most expensive. Only the one-way ticket between Panama and Colon cost twenty-five dollars in gold coins. Thus, the Panama railway served almost 60 years before the construction of the Canal, as a land bridge between both coasts of our country.