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Rediscovering your Canal

In the last year, our world has changed. We all adapted to protect ourselves. Now, little by little, we can […]

In the last year, our world has changed. We all adapted to protect ourselves. Now, little by little, we can resume some activities, always under the precautions demanded by the times.

And precisely within the options to share with our families, you can safely rediscover the spaces offered by the Panama Canal.

Turistas en el Canal de Panamá
Tourists at the Panama Canal

The visitor centers of Miraflores, in the capital city, and Agua Clara, in Colon, reopened their doors, and the measures required by the health authorities were adopted to offer you a unique approach to the Panama Canal.

Keep in mind that now your experience must begin by entering the official Visit Panama Canal website where you can set your schedule, either to visit Miraflores or the Agua Clara Observation Center.

The reservation system has been implemented in order to ensure a capacity and distance in accordance with biosafety requirements.

Once the date and time of the appointment has been confirmed, visitors can show up in a “bubble” of up to a maximum of eight people. At the ticket office of the centers you confirm the payment of the tickets and then you will have a tour of one hour and 15 minutes.

In Miraflores you have wide open terraces to watch the passage of ships through the locks complex whose construction was completed in May 1913; that is, more than a year before the official opening of the Canal.

Many more historical facts about the Canal and its locks can be found in the exhibition rooms of the Miraflores Visitors Center.

Even if you schedule your day well, you can visit both ends of the Panama Canal in the same day, traveling between the capital and the city of Colon, where the Gatun and Agua Clara locks are located.

In Colon, your tour will be transformed into a completely different experience, amidst the attraction offered by our tropical climate.

This is because the Agua Clara Observation Center offers a unique panoramic view of the locks of the expanded Canal and a singular postcard of Gatun Lake.

Here you can also feel the diversity of our nature with a tour of its ecological trail, and perhaps even come across a sample of the varied fauna of our country.

As you can see… the Panama Canal offers you several alternatives to spend some time with your family, safely and living a unique experience in the world.

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