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January marks the beginning of a new calendar year and the start of the second fiscal quarter for the Panama […]

January marks the beginning of a new calendar year and the start of the second fiscal quarter for the Panama Canal, in which the interoceanic waterway maintains its impetuosity and dynamism to achieve its strategic objectives and continue to be a leader in its environment. In addition, during this month, we commemorate with a high sense of patriotism the 59th anniversary of the historic deed of January 9, 1964, a significant milestone on the road to achieving our full sovereignty.

In this first edition of the year, we will look at the water outlook for the dry season. Although scattered rains will accompany us until March due to a slight La Niña phenomenon, the Canal will depend on the water stored in the Gatun and Alhajuela reservoirs to supply the human consumption of half of the country, and at the same time, for its transit operations; being the issue of freshwater availability, the biggest and most immediate challenge facing the interoceanic waterway.

On the other hand, the planting of the “5 million seedlings” by our Economic Incentives Program (PIEA), represents a symbol of the great interest and concern of the Panama Canal in the care of the nature of our country.

Also noteworthy during this month are the activities developed for students such as “Pilando Ando” with the Ayudinga Foundation, and the achievements of the “Latin American Laboratory of Citizen Action” with the Youth United for Education, examples of the activities developed by the Panama Canal to support and strengthen the capacities and aspirations in the minds and hearts of the Panamanian youth.

Finally, during this summer, the Canal is present at the country’s most important regional fairs, promoting culture and the importance of water conservation.

This “El Faro” highlights these Panama Canal activities and ratifies our commitment to continue “planting” trees, culture and a sense of belonging.

Salvatore Bacile
Vice President (e) of Communication and Corporate Image

The cover image is the winning photograph of the environmental contest 2022 of the Young Environmentalists Network.  Its author is David Hernández.

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  1. Sometimes we need a crisis or two to motivate and incentivate us to take a topic seriously. I am very happy to read that the Panama Canal has accepted the lesson and made freshwater management a top priority!
    I’m trying to implement a rainwater collection and usage system with my new retirement house in Chiriquí. I am certain, if we all do our little share, the future will be beautiful!



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